Audition FAQ



Here are the answers to some questions which we are often asked by people who are thinking of auditioning. If you have any questions about auditioning, please e-mail

How do I know if there is an opening?

Auditions are held each year for all voice parts during the summer regardless of whether openings are available. Final auditions are then held at the beginning of the season with the rest of the members of The Choral Project.

How often does The Choral Project rehearse?

The Choral Project rehearses every Monday evening from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, with sectionals and other special rehearsals as needed. There are also typically three weekend retreats throughout the season. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and retreats. Dress rehearsals are typically at the performance venues.

Are there any financial obligations associated with membership?

Yes, members of The Choral Project are required to pay the following:

  • Dues are $175 if paid in full at the beginning of the season or $180 if paid the course of the year, divided into 3 installments of $60 due in October, January and April.
  • For all new singers, there is also a $60 Music Deposit Fee due at the beginning of the season. This fee is refundable (minus the cost of any music you lose) when you leave the group.
  • Wardrobe cost is approximately $200 for sopranos/altos and $150 for tenors/basses.

Financial assistance is available in exchange for volunteer hours. Singers who take on volunteer jobs for the organization may receive a discount on their dues or have them completely waived depending on the job and Board approval.

What kind of training do I need to get into The Choral Project?

Virtually every level of musical and academic training has been represented in The Choral Project at some time. There are currently singers holding master’s degrees in music, singers who were vocal performance majors in college, and singers who developed their skills in church, school or community groups. The most important criteria are to have good overall musicianship and understanding of music in general, to have interest and experience in diverse styles of music, and to have flexibility of voice in terms of style and range. Sight-singing, vocal technique and aural skills are required. As to whether it is better to have had primarily a choral background or a solo background, one is not necessarily better than the other. Naturally, as a choral group, The Choral Project requires a sense of and ear for ensemble. But, as with many aspects of our music making, the diverse backgrounds of the individual members enrich the whole.

Can you describe the audition process?

All singers are invited to submit the audition request form which will be reviewed by our Artistic Director. Singers will receive a confirmation email and a callback to schedule an audition. Individual auditions are an informal process and a time when the singer and Artistic Director can explore how they might enjoy working together. Singers are asked to prepare a song of their choice and will be given a piece to learn for the final audition. Singers will also be asked to sight-read and may be led through a few vocal and tonal memory exercises.

What kind of piece should I prepare for my audition?

The most important thing is to offer a piece that you are comfortable with and that shows your strengths and contrasting styles. Audition pieces can include a foreign-language aria or art song, or a piece in English in a more popular style – such as a musical theater song.

How long do most members of The Choral Project stay in the group?

Just as singers come to The Choral Project at different stages of life, they leave the group after varying amounts of time as well. We have a handful of singers that have been with the group for well over 15 years and one that is still a founding member from 1996. Other singers stay for only a few years or less; many stay between five and ten years.

How do I know when I’m ready to audition for The Choral Project?

Feedback from your teachers and colleagues should help you decide when you are ready to audition. Ask your voice teacher to review your audition piece. Auditioning is a valuable experience in itself, and will help you decide if you are ready.

How do I find out whether or not I made it?

The audition results will be delivered via email the day after the final audition date.

What happens if I’m not accepted?

Please do not be discouraged. While we would love to accept everyone, it is obviously not possible and you are always welcome to audition again in the future. You may also consider joining The Choral Project as a non-singing volunteer. We are a volunteer-driven organization, and we always welcome new members who wish to contribute time to our organization.


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