This page is intended to be used by members of the media and our partners who would like some standard materials and information from The Choral Project. If you would like additional information or materials that are not on this page, please contact Jane Baker at the contact information listed below. Otherwise, please use the links below for materials.


The Choral Project Logos for Web Usage

Download stacked logo w/transparent background | PNG file (600x600 pixels)

Download long logo w/transparent background | PNG file (900x174 pixels)


The Choral Project Logos for Print

Download hi-res stacked logo | JPG file (600x600 pixels)

Download hi-res long logo | JPG file (900x174 pixels)


The Choral Project Promotional Photo

Download 12x8 (landscape) lo-res color | JPG (864x563 pixels)

Download 7x5 (landscape) hi-res color | JPG (2100x1369 pixels)


Daniel Hughes Promotional Photo

Download 5x8 color | JPG file (1600x2400 pixels)


For further information. please contact:

Jane Baker | Director of Marketing & Development | 408-279-0161

Sponsored, in part, by a grants from the Office of Cultural Affairs - City of San Jose, SVCREATES and Applied Materials Foundation, and generous support from First Republic Bank.


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